Physical Exercise & Health

The effort already launched is "earnest" therefore continue! Increase a bit the aerial part (bike, treadmill, elliptical) in terms of frequency, ie how many days a week do. Try to do 5 times a week for 30'-45 minutes and continue all the exercises you do. Dear friend starts with coaching 10 'minutes, do strength training exercises using such weights to have trouble in the last repetitions in each set and put in the aerobic part (over 30') at the end of each coaching module. So immediate activation of fat as an energy source.

The effect of physical activity on health has been known in all periods of human history. As, of course, people lived and worked in the countryside, as hunters, farmers and warriors, exercise. The body were given, because of the nature of engaging. As a separate and necessary activity exercise emerged with civilization and urbanization, which limited their daily physical activity.

No wonder, then, that physical exercise, as exercise or sports, becoming an important activity in all ancient cultures, even if it were generally exclusively male affair. In some cases, as in ancient Greece and later to Rome, the men of the ruling class spent on physical activity more hours than what any other day involvement. Plutarch in On children's education is particularly clear when he states "while on the body they found good. Duplication sciences people, the medicine and Gymnastic, being the true health is not the different".

This trend has waned considerably in the evolution of Western civilization, mainly because of the way the organization of work and lack of respective capabilities in the new urban environment. But in recent years, the rise in living standards and ensuring more free time mainly in developed societies and the shift to prevention of modern morbidity due inter alia to a sedentary life, gave it to the physical activity of primary importance . As physical exercise is usually defined as bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles with energy and a positive effect on health.

The negative influence that sedentary life duration and quality of life are now multiple documented. Lack of exercise is the cause of major diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. It should also be borne in mind that the health benefits of physical activity are reduced if the exercise is stopped for more than two weeks, and disappear if no continuity in the exercise period for 2-8 months.

If now starts running, or if you belong to lovers of this activity, you'll wonder what surfaces are good to run. "As yet the time and distances you run is small, you will not concern you much. But as time passes and You will improve yourself constantly looking new places, and different surfaces to enhance your exercise and not straining your body.

Asphalt favors the fast run, as minimize the bounces. So you will notice that when you run on the street, you can be faster and less fatigue! The main disadvantage of the street is the movement of cars. You should be especially careful and avoid roads with increased traffic. Always the movement direction of the road that you face head-on traffic.

The surface of the track in the grounds is covered with tartan. There are variations in hardness of tartan. But even if the tartan of your pitch looks soft, you should know that it is still a hard surface and burdening your musculoskeletal system. Running on the field can be boring for some, especially for those who are running for some time. But the smooth surface, without height variations and the measured distance of the track, they can prove very useful tools. Especially if you're new to running, will help you build your physical condition more easily, as you will not get tired in ups and downs and you know how far you run each time.

The treadmill in the gym is the perfect solution for those who want to combine weight training with aerobic workout without losing valuable time. Modern walkways provide good cushioning and their soft touch facilitates many. Also enables variety in workout as the tilt and rotation rate can provide you a complete workout.. The monotonous motion but the identical strides isolate certain muscle groups but also difficult to improve the technique and fitness. Still, running on a treadmill can be boring and monotonous, especially if you are running for a long time systematically, and images of the environment shall not be interchanged.

Diet on vacation!

What nicer than one trip to the countryside, a weekend at the cottage or a trip to one of our delicious Greek islands! The opportunities we have for this are few and of course when we are given, we seize them!

But what if we're on a weight loss effort? We will spoil our diet and we will take back the pounds you so painstakingly lost? Not necessary! With a few small tips will be able to stick to our plan at the same time enjoying our vacation. Along with the bare essentials in the backpack will make sure to have a snack and which does not require refrigeration and does not spoil. Certainly we will need some time of the day that we will not have what to eat and prevent us from snacking .The nuts, dried fruit or cereal bars are some options.

Reaching our destination will be very useful to buy some fruit, if possible and we have them in our room. You impress us how useful will appear us. It may seem irrelevant or boring, but will prove salutary one, two hours before we go to eat. Can a fruit not had enough of us, but would regulate glucose levels in our blood, will deter us from a possible hypoglycemia and save us from an uncontrolled hunger that we will face arriving at the restaurant.

If you're looking for a simple and practical way to completely clean your system, why not try five festive days with juice diet? Making a break from solid food, give energy to your body only with fresh, shoulders, rich in nutrients juice is the best way to detoxify your body.

Summer holidays can not be reason to ruin your diet! It started your day with breakfast is always similar to what you eat and the remaining time. As enticing though is the hotel's buffet, do not overdo preventing saturated fat and calories *click to read more*. Supply you with fresh and dried fruit without sugar. Put them in a bag and solve your hands. The unsalted nuts, even a standard juice without added sugar, are ideal intermediate and afternoon meal options that will keep you active and eat it until you come the main course. Usually the holiday season the daily schedule changes and eat a main meal. At noon or evening. The main meal should always start with a rich salad of your choice with olive oil, vinegar, lemon and other spices. Avoid ready gummy sauces that hide excess fat on the body. Choose from meat, chicken, fish, seafood, turkey and small amount of starchy foods (eg. Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread). Local specialties and tasty appetizers share with your friends to balance calorie intake.

The importance of Glycemic Index: Does so I do not lose?

Lately we often hear about an association made between weight loss and glycemic index. Experts say that by controlling the glycemic index of the foods we eat we will manage to achieve so much needed weight loss and control of our uncontrollable hunger.

Glycemic index is the response that has any food sugar in our blood.

What does it matter what though?

As long as we manage to keep our blood sugar in a balance, without sharp fluctuations during the day, better control our hunger, avoiding any hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia that will be caused both by long fasting and by selecting the "wrong" foods.

Recent research has shown that those who consume low GI foods lost more weight than Visual Impact For Women those who ate foods high DGs. The low GI foods are usually high in fiber, which helps to saturation and better regulation of blood sugar levels.

What to choose?

Choose low GI foods

The more processed a food is, the more high glycemic index is. Whole grains have a lower glycemic index compared to the corresponding white. The presence of fiber in a food reduces the glycemic index. The more mature is a fruit or a vegetable, the higher glycemic index is. So we prefer the "immature version" them! Finally we take care not to cook much food as vegetables, pasta, rice, legumes. The less cooked foods have low glycemic index.

We must not forget that another "opponent" of our sugar is the long fasting. To make sure that we do small frequent meals to control our hunger and avoid the undesirable hypoglycemia that will lead us to fall into the wrong choices.

The main causes of onychomycosis. Treat with zetaclear

Never healed alone! Today there are treatments that ensure efficient response, provided you followed to the end!

If the damage covers 50% of the lower surface of the nail: A local antifungal enough. Usually using an antifungal varnish, which once stretched day or twice a week, depending on the case. Also they can be used and treatment products in cream form.

If the damage covers 50% of the upper surface of the nail. Combine an oral antifungal with a topical lacquer. The antifungal oral alone is not enough, because it can not act in the areas of the nail with fewer vessels (areas on the sides of the nail layers and the substrate), so the treatment is incomplete.

The secret

The treatment is complete when you come out the new nail. This can take from 4-6 months to a hand claw, and 9-12 months in a claw foot.

I nail cultivation and developed trichophyton rubrum three fingers. What method of treatment suggest; And if we can just nail tincture and if not what antibiotics and how long.

I am tired with fungi. Since 2008 trying to get rid. The damage is not great. It is less than 50% of the lower surface of the nail. It is the 2 LARGE toenails. I want you to tell me your opinion on the tharapeia by mouth because I hear valued are best avoided because it has Adverse Effects.

I would like if you can do an issue that concerns the last six months and displeases bit ... Topic psoriasis know that it employs several people. You'll have forever and how it affects the stress?

I have a fungus nails my feet and I want to use tea tree, BUT READ somewhere that it is anti-inflammatory and .. I do not take anti-inflammatory medications, or not so you can use it.

After passing through / under the nail, the fungi survive by breaking the keratin of the nail and use nutrients to survive and multiply. This splitting of the nail keratin also leads to a change in the appearance of the nail with the question where can i buy zetaclear? Check this article here: At some later stages of infection of the nail plate can be completely darkened and separated from it.

Diseases of the skin which cause a separation or thickening of the nail (psoriasis, lichen planus).

• The foot problems that cause detached nails and / or thickened.

• Abnormal toe position (toes that overlap, big toes that are or "rebiquent" ...)

• "Shots" and bruises caused by sports activities or steps with ill-fitting footwear. Factors related to lifestyle, occupation and environment

• Moisture, excessive sweating and continuous wear occlusive footwear. Occupations where the port security or sneakers are required at risk for fungal infections of the feet.

Nail whose end is detached under which a yellowish-white coating a bit creamier. The nail may be colored green due to the concomitant proliferation of bacteria that form a green colored pigment. Nail whose base is inflamed and forms a sore and red bead, which sometimes adds a rippling of the nail can also peel off.

The mycological examination - It is the prerequisite for the diagnosis of fungal nail infections. Indeed, the best experts can not distinguish nail fungus from another disease of the nails with certainty. Misdiagnosis can lead to unnecessary and prolonged use of expensive and potentially dangerous drugs, or worse, prevent the diagnosis of a more serious disease.

Only a few laboratories are able to correctly mycological sampling is to be achieved away from taking an anti fungus treatment (it takes three months after the application of an antifungal lacquer or through treatment oral). When it is done well, the mycological sampling is a little uncomfortable but not really painful. Most often, the physician must cut off the nail as far as possible then scrape beneath the dusty debris; if there are white spots, you must scrape the nail surface with a blade to collect the levy. It takes about a month to get the results of the sampling.

Elimination of the diseased nail with a paste - The doctor may recommend you remove the nail damaged by using a paste (zetaclear). It applies daily preparation of the sick nail which is covered with a bandage. Each morning, you can remove some debris with a spatula. This treatment lasts two to four weeks. If the nail has not completely disintegrated at the end of this treatment.

Sometimes you remove the nail surgically - in some cases, be ablated from the nail of the big toe is the case for onychomycosis in mold or after the failure of a properly conducted treatment. This treatment often causes side effects that are usually benign (digestive problems, skin rash), sometimes annoying (temporary loss of taste), or more rarely serious (drug-induced hepatitis, skin rash, abnormal blood or hypersensitivity).

The heat and humidity are contributing factors. Avoid wearing sneakers outside sports, prefer shoes with leather inner sole, use cotton socks and an antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride at 20% for excessive sweating . Regarding the hands, avoid washing them too often or put them in water without effective protection (gloves cotton and rubber gloves).

Nutrition and hypertension

7.4% of boys and 7.9% of girls attend kindergarten have hypertension, according to a survey of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition University of Crete. Also, 4.4% of high-school students have hypertension, according to a study of the Hypertension Unit A University Cardiology. It is estimated that 11% of overweight children has hypertension . That is why it is recommended to measure the pressure from the pediatrician after 6 years of age, regardless of the child's weight. In children, the high pressure should be below 11 and a low to 6-7.

Aerobic Exercise helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, loss of weight and pressure regulation. 30 recommended exercise 3-5 times a week (walking, treadmill at the gym, jogging, cycling etc.). However, before engaging in a sport, you should check your blood pressure, because if you already have hypertension, can be a burden your cardiovascular system. Also, if you are hypertensive, you avoid the weights and strenuous exercise, because lead to increase of pressure.

You gently blood pressure. Try to stop smoking, lose weight, do not eat salt and exercise for the next 6 mines. If not reduce your stress, you will be given and an antihypertensive medicine.

How to lose pounds quickly

A diet that fits all of us, whether we want to lose a few pounds or a lot or trying to get used to eating healthy and balanced.

The diet that follows is not part of fad diets do not promise miracles and will not reveal a closely guarded secret that will make us all -with some magical way- lose those pounds dreamed. The diet that follows is based on the Mediterranean diet is healthy, balanced and targeted at anyone who wants to lose weight safely and keeping it off just started eating more. This is a diet that can be followed easily by cooking for the whole family, even permanently, to reduce and / or maintain our weight, but also to have the indicators of our health always good. If we can combine this program with gentle regular exercise, eg swimming, walking, jogging, bike the results will be spectacular.

He enters slowly and fall, and many are those who are interested to follow a diet - without going hungry - to lose the pounds of summer. The following diet then, is the fastest and healthiest way of losing kilos, while the efficacy of the diet not only not contested but what made it well known! The great advantage of this diet is rapid weight loss, ranging between 5-8 pounds in one week, and the general feeling of well being that you get! Swelling in the abdomen is reduced, the skin looks fresher, while the body eliminates any kind of toxins that have accumulated.

Vegetables and fiber: Vegetables may be any of those that contain 100 g of not more than 10.5 g carbohydrates. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes (except cherry), cauliflower, Chinese, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, radishes, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, radish, celery, green onions, mushrooms, herbs, sprouted seeds, olive oil.

Often, the metabolism is disturbed due to lack of stability of the body's biological clock. Moreover - the internal organs due to violation biological rhythms begin to not work properly, and therefore, wrong to assimilate nutrients. For that it would have been clearer: your stomach due to violation of the schedule in food consumption may extend for 3 days, and violations of biological rhythms liver requires her full recovery within 16 days (!). Can you imagine how to digest your food and processed in such hands. Even if she chewed a thousand times.

But do not think that I'm going to talk about fat. Yes, I will. But not negative - very fat needed by the body, like a huge landlord of energy and not only. I'm talking about food that you consume on a daily basis - bought in a store, unnatural foods and semi-finished products. Try not to take all the products in the store - with today's advances in biochemistry, these products are often not natural. And what influence various chemical additives on the body today still really no one knows. However, even the simplest observations suggest that chemicals may have harmful affects on the body.

The same applies to the products, stuffed with hormones. For example, chickens are added muscle growth hormone. As a result, men who regularly eats those chickens, there is an increase in pelvic and hip muscles - like women. Give full of soda. Any. This greatly helps to lose weight quickly. In no case do not consume fashion in recent biochemical liquid made in laboratories. Such cruise control diet fluids may produce unwanted changes in your body. Drink natural water.

Try to completely eliminate from your diet all flour products. First, today the bread is terrible in respect of food supplements, and secondly - the ballerina never eat starchy foods. Actually, no diet is not. How can I quickly lose weight without harm to health? It's easy. You just need to leave the table slightly, not to eat after 18.00, there is a lot, but by little. And, most importantly, never eat before going to bed! Whether it is at least the day, even at night. Sumo Wrestlers it and gaining your weight.

The Truth About Cellulite

It is not known when and who first uttered this terrible for each girl, the term "orange peel", but everyone understands that this issue has long been concerned with the female part of the population of our country. Many of the fair sex cellulite poisons life and makes us constantly to hide his body for loose clothing and forced to abandon sexy underwear.

But in fact, as much as possible will be on the beach with a pronounced cellulite. And all the rest goes down the drain because all the thoughts in my head revolve around cellulite and legs. However, there is a happy girl, to whom there is no question: "How to get rid of cellulite?". But it is not recommended to forget about cellulite prevention, because each of us orange peel can occur at any time. That's why every girl should know the basic techniques of getting rid of this.

With orange peel should always fight, not only for the two months before the beach season. If you take care of your body and start to fight cellulite even in the winter, then in the summer you will achieve much better results. To learn how to get rid of cellulite, you will find on the site mymedispaonline.

Cellulite and cellulite deposits - this is a kind of change in adipose tissue, which deform the skin and make it look like the proverbial orange peel. Cellulite deposits tend to form on the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

Forming cellulite bumps are made as follows. The fat cells that are found in the subcutaneous fat layer, surrounded by the connecting fibers. In the case where the fat cells grow in volume, the connecting fibers are stretched under pressure, but reached its maximum stretch, fat cells are sealed, preventing further stretching of the skin. When the seal in the joints with the skin, they pull her inside, which creates the cellulites.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Until now in the scientific community there are disputes about the true causes of cellulite, but many say with certainty that the causes of orange peel are:

1. Hormonal imbalance (various glitches work ovarian, thyroid disease and other endocrine disorders);

2. Hereditary factors (especially the metabolism, skin and body structure);

3. Violation of protein metabolism;

4. Chronic fatigue, eating disorders, stress;

5. Environmental factors;

6. Smoking and alcohol.

As a result of these factors blood flow is disrupted in the subcutaneous tissue, because the cells of the oxygen does not flow, resulting in adipose tissue cell dies. Dead cells form a kind of fat lumps, which will melt cellulite dimples. There are statistics that report that one in six women develop cellulite deposits in the period of puberty. Every third woman discovers cellulite deposits during or after pregnancy.

Stages of cellulite and its treatment

Before the treatment of cellulite is first necessary to determine its stage. It requires its specific treatment for each stage of cellulite deposits. The first stage of cellulite

In the first stage of cellulite, many women simply do not notice, because the orange peel in the first stage is not yet visible. At this stage, you may notice a loss of elasticity of the skin in the buttocks and thigh area. See cellulite bumps, the skin can only be squeezed hands. The increase in the buttocks and thighs - this is the first signal of the impending disaster. At a time when in the subcutaneous layers of the skin there is a metabolic disorder, there is a swelling of subcutaneous fat. It is because of this and get fat thighs and buttocks, and the skin in turn loses its smoothness.

At this stage of cellulite main method of combat orange peel is a proper diet and a healthy metabolism. To do this you will need to normalize their eating and to ensure removal of excess fluid from the body. The first point is easily accomplished with the help of anti-cellulite diet, and the second paragraph of help diuretic teas and regular visits to the sauna or bath. Cope cellulite, help and special wraps, exercise and anti-cellulite massage.

The second stage of cellulite

During the second stage of cellulite deposits excess fat and liquid form noticeable bumps that are visible eye and easily palpated. This is due to the fact that the fat and liquid sealed vessels themselves in the subcutaneous layers.

At this stage of cellulite all measures necessary to strengthen several times (massage, sauna, duty, exercise). From the salon means in a second step to get rid of cellulite, help use hardware massage. The third stage of cellulite

During the third stage of cellulite deposits orange peel is simply impossible not to notice. Fat cells violate the circulation of tissues, infringes the nerve endings, causing your skin loses its sensitivity. During defeat cellulite suffers muscle tissue, it coarsens and can not be reduced in a natural way. The result is an uneven skin, which rapidly loses sensitivity and aesthetic appearance.

This stage defeat cellulite is already a problem - lymphatic drainage, diet and anti-cellulite creams and serums it does not solve. In order to restore normal metabolism in your skin, you need to destroy fat deposits. Previously, they smashed special power massage, which brought a good effect, but also had side effects: Effects resisted not only the connective tissue and nerve endings.

Today, to get rid of cellulite, helping more forgiving, but no less effective methods: ultrasound and electrolysis. But at the same time massages, diet and exercise should not be forgotten. All these procedures will help to accelerate the process of treating cellulite, will establish the metabolic processes in the tissues, and will keep the result. The fourth stage of cellulite

The fourth stage - a real pathology. At the same time the skin on your buttocks resembles a porous sponge-like tissue in the inflated and all seals, sometimes even bluish color. This appearance suggests significant blood circulation disorders, atrophy of muscle tissue and lesion of the nerve endings. When you touch the skin is cold and dense. This stage of cellulite deposits threatens the development of various inflammatory and tissue necrosis.

In the fourth step to get rid of cellulite it is not so simple, but it is possible. Work here will have serious and many. There will be an effective method of liposuction, perhaps even non-invasive, it can help to release the vessels and tissues and restore their normal functioning. But we should not forget that the basis for the development of cellulite is the wrong metabolism. At the same time get rid of cellulite deposits, it is possible only having adjusted the right way of life. Correct and healthy food, massage (it can be a professional and independent), the use of anti-cellulite creams and serums, regular exercise and other treatments to help get rid of cellulite and prevent relapses.

If you find yourself cellulite from the first to the third stage, inclusive, you may well be able to cope with it on their own. When you perform certain actions, you can quickly get rid of cellulite on the pope and legs.

In many modern beauty salons and cosmetology clinics, you will be offered a variety of programs of treatment of cellulite deposits. For example, electrolysis. It is a hardware method, which consists in breaking down subcutaneous fat by low-frequency current, which lends itself introduced through special electrodes under the skin.

Another method of treatment for cellulite - a mechanical lymphatic drainage. In this case the affected cellulite area attached special electrodes, which stimulate muscle contraction, whereby output and accelerates the process of toxins and fat.

In addition to a variety of hardware techniques in the arsenal of cosmetic clinics have a nice fat cellulite treatment procedure. It massages. But do not expect from cellulite massage bliss, because the purpose of this massage is the breaking of accumulated fat. During this anti-cellulite massage using different techniques. Problematic places are damaged orange peel actively massaged in circular, chopping and rubbing movement. Anti-cellulite massage allows for a fairly significant results in the treatment of cellulite, because the massage helps to eliminate toxins, regulates blood circulation and burns fat.

How to get rid of cellulite at home

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

In order to get rid of cellulite deposits in domestic conditions must be met 10 fairly simple rules. Over clock your laziness, have patience and start to fight the orange bark.

Is idol lash a scam? Tips for eyelashes grow

Idol lash reviews is the best eyelash grow product for every woman. You must be beautiful with this method, if you want to buy it. This is not a scam, although is very easy to do some tips for your eyes. Coincidence sometimes causes the greatest discoveries: After the treatment of glaucoma some patients grew denser and longer eyelashes. Since the active substance prostaglandins in toiletries is used for hair.

Sealing, beautifully curved and shaped like a very delicate subjects: So women want their lashes. But as so often speaks in life the reality sometimes another language: Many women find her eyelashes too short, too sparse and too thin. In contrast, you can do something: The measures range by implanting real hairs up to the sticking of false eyelashes. In addition, however, now another method conquers the bathroom women: so-called idol lash.

And this is where it was observed that the eyelashes of those patients who were treated with prostaglandins, to grow stronger. In the treatment of glaucoma, such as glaucoma is medically termed, this hormone ensures that the channels for the eye fluid wide. It can flow again and the intraocular pressure is lowered.

The side effect of eyelash growth made the cosmetics industry thin. And so resourceful scientists began several years ago in order to use prostaglandins in this - in a different form. If that seems too risky, should fall back on the good old mascara. There are now mascara in different textures that give more length, momentum or volume to lashes as desired.

It is important that you use a thick eyelash, which allows you to enclose the fine hair from root to tip with color. Even eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, which is applied directly on the lash line, conjures up the impression of greater volume.